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A distinctive property in Dordogne, France
        ~ NAVIGATION ~

Horace & Valérie Thompson

1330 Lincoln Avenue

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105, USA

tel: 651 699 6910

mo: 507 822 5833



24530 Quinsac par Champagnac


tel: (33) 05 53 04 37 38

Dated 1 May, 2012

House Practical Details



SAMU, AMBULANCE                dial  15
POLICE                                         dial  17
POMPIERS, FIRE                  dial 18
RENSEIGNEMENTS                    dial  12

Fire Extinguisher in upstairs hallway
Medical kit in bathroom



Limit grease in kitchen sink, use sink in barn for cleaning heavy and greasy pans!

Compost vegetable while disposing bones and fat in trash!

No Abrasives or harsh chemicals on porcelain and counters.

When cool, absent or with during storms; shut shutters.

Shut shutters when windows are open to prevent that they slam.

Please don’t move furniture!

Please conserve water.

Don’t encumber traffic in alley, park off the lane.

“Eau non-potable”, “non-potable water” for the well and garden water!

No open flames; cigarettes and candles, upstairs



Garbage: Across bridge, at intersection with D83. Sacks in kitchen pantry.

Glass: Must be kept separate from garbage. Must be deposited in large green bins in all towns or left in sack in barn.

Clothes washing: The wash cycle is approximately two hours. The ECO cycle is adequate. Soap is added to the dispenser marked II in the machine’s loading lid. Laundry can be hung inside the barn or on the line north of the barn.

Towels and linens in bedroom dressers.