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Payment Conditions


Confirmation of reservation is secured with receipt of security deposit.


We count days, not nights for the calculation of rental period.  


We ask for two week minimum rental period.


We maintain a maximum rental capacity of six (6) persons of any and all ages.


We maintain a maximum capacity of two (2) children of eighteen years (18) and younger.


Rental payment is due at least 28 days prior to start of rental term, payable in Euro denomination to:

{Credit Lyonnais, 22 Place Alfred Agard, 24300 Nontron, France

[Beneficiare: THOMPSON, Agency 5241, Account 1899T] Attn: M. Julien Moreau}


A check equal to the deposit amount will be returned by US mail within ten days of conclusion of rental term given the house is found in order.


50% of deposit and all of the rent will be returned in event of a cancellation if notice is given at least 2 days before start of rental term. Otherwise, the deposit will be retained as forfeiture.   

This reimbursement will be mailed within ten days of notice of this cancellation.


Please sign and return to us the originals, we will return countersigned copies of the contract. We will include a list of resources and a schedule of markets, fests, local activities, etc.


We recommend that self-guided tours within France consist of parties with members of some language facility in written and spoken French.


Responsibilities of:



1)    Provides an inventoried list of household items for approval upon arrival at the property.

2)    Provides a rental property in good condition with precautions taken for safety and for comfort.

3)    Provides heat, electricity, water, local telephone service.

4)    Provides cookware, dinnerware and linens.

5)    Provides cleaned bath and bed linens weekly, for two week and longer period rentals.

6)    Handles linen and normal household cleaning at end of term.



1)    Is financially responsible for lost or broken items caused by neglect during the term of the agreement.

2)    Practices due diligence as pertains to safe-keeping of owners property.

3)    Takes precautions for personal safety.

4)    Retrieves keys from the manager between 8:00am & 8:00pm.

5)    Returns keys to manager between 8:00am & 8:00pm.

6)    Notifies us or manager of any problems, damage or concerns during or at end of term.

7)    Does not hold the property or its owners liable for unforeseen problems and accidents.

8)    Is financially responsible for all telephone long distance surcharges during rental term.

9)    Has read and understands all aspects of this rental agreement, initials below


        owners initial ______/______ renters initials *


        *    1st of January 2011, applies to rentals in year 2011